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Did You know Blended Tomatoes Could Be Preserved For A Month?

For those who work round the clock and barely have time to do other things, here is a quick one for you to save you the stress of going to the market every now and then. Thanks to Queen Tersoo, who shared on social media wonderful tips on how to get blended tomatoes preserved for more than a month, without having to heat or refrigerate it.

Here's how to get it done;

How to preserve our blended tomatoes to last for more than a month without putting it in fridge nor warming. steps. 👇

. Wash your tomatoes thoroughly.

. Pour it in a pot and add little salt and water, steam it for just 3mins.

. Remove all the tomatoes from water and blend.

. Boil your blended tomatoes to your taste ( it's advisable to make it thick).

. Pour it into bama bottle and close it. I.e it must be in bottle please.

. Put your tomatoes bottle inside pot for just 2mins to heat tomatoes with the bottle, add enough water to boil it

. You can now put your blended tomatoes wherever you want. Try yours now!

See photos;